Peony, Rose, and Lilac Wedding Silk Bouquet in Pink and Cream - 11" Tall


10 Stars
This silk wedding bouquet has a beautiful mix of peonies, roses, and lilacs all in varying shades of pink and cream, with green lilac accents. Measures 11" tall. Bouquet head measures approximately 5.5-6" in diameter. Great bouquet for bridesmaids or combine a couple for brides.

Pleasantly Surprised!

Having never ordered fake flowers online before, I was a little nervous when I purchased 13 of these bouquets! This was really big for me. But, I got them all in one box and in a timely manner. My mom and fiance were even more skeptical than I was about ordering them, but once they both saw the flowers they couldn't stop saying how beautiful and real they looked (my mom is super picky and he is a designer!) They are much better quality than flowers from Hobby Lobby (and I love that store!) The color is exactly the same as I saw on my screen. Lovely light pinks, touches of cream, and bits of green... as you can see. The leaves don't even look that bad in person, I might just keep them on the bouquet! I was also afraid they might be a little small, so I ordered three of these to combine for my bouquet, and two for each bridesmaid. My bouquet will be so full looking and perfect. And actually, after thinking it over, one bouquet per bridesmaid would have been just the right size. So that leaves me with 5 extra bouquets to use elsewhere or take apart (extra flowers to decorate our cake!) These boquets can easily be taken apart and rearranged if you want to, but they look beautiful as is. I will DEFINITELY be telling ALL of my friends to go this route and order from this site! I saved TONS of money ordering on here! P.S. My friend who recently got married had a dozen red roses for her bouquet... and those pale in comparison to this. She was dissapointed with how small her bouquet looked... especially since she paid big bucks for her wedding flowers! I know ordering from afloral has saved me from disappointment and wasting money! This was the right choice for me! Hope this review is helpful to other skeptics!!



Almost looks real, except the leaves of course. It's still beautiful though.



My husband & I got married in Broome, Western Australia where There is not a great range of fresh flowers...and the ones that are available are extremely expensive. Silk flowers in Australia are also extremely expensive so when I can across Afloral, I was very excited! Whilst Afloral do not currently ship internationally, I am fortunate in that I have family in California who were able to ship them for me. I ordered a number of bouquets and this was my favorite! Just beautiful & can only tell close up that they are not real. I removed some of the leaves and put together 2 x bouquets per bridesmaid and 3 x for me. We used fabric in the same colour as our dresses to wrap around the stems. I had LOTS of compliments and best of all...I get to keep my bouquet forever!

Western Australia

very pretty!

I ordered 5 of these bouquets for my bridesmaids and am very happy with them. I added in a single white rose to each of the bouquet to make it a bit fuller and removed some leaves. Looks real and is a perfect size. Can't beat the price!

Vancouver, BC

Very impressed!

I bought 2 of these just to see if I liked the way they looked for a bridal bouquet. I'm ordering more today!!! Not only am I going to use several of these together for my bouquet, but I'm going to put some together for our reception centerpieces. These flowers are beautiful! They offer very delicate color as to not overpower my dress or distract from the rest of the table arrangement. I couldn't be happier!


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