Preserved French Marianne Rose in Yellow - 12 Per Box


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These sunny yellow flower heads are actually preserved french marianne rose heads.  Identified by the distinctive stamen and fluffy petal structure, the french marianne rose is used to create romantic and full bouquets.
Rose heads measure 1.2-2.4 inches in diameter and have double flowered petals. These rose heads will arrive packed 12 blooms per box. Use in centerpiece arrangements, as vase filler, or even as table top decor.

NOT Available outside the U.S. and Canada due to Import/Export Regulations

Each flower undergoes a delicate and intricate process of preservation with a glycerine-based solution and natural food dyes.  This process allows the petals to feel as soft and silky as the day they were picked. These preserved roses are as flexible and easy to work with as a fresh flower, but as with all preserved products, should be handled with care.  Do not submerge in water as the dye will run.
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