Silk Rose, Ranunculus, and Hydrangea Bouquet in Green Plum - 11" Tall


9 Stars
This gorgeous 11" tall silk wedding bouquet is made up of 2 cream half open roses, 2 plum rose buds, 1 open plum purple peony, ivory berries, green hydrangea, and 2 striking green ranunculus with plum highlights. Bouquet measures approximately 8.5" in diameter.
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 - 2 Cream half open roses, 2.5"
 - 2 Plum rose buds 1.5"
 - 1 Open plum purple peony 3.5"
 - 3 Green hydrangea 3.5"
 - 2 Green ranunculus with plum highlights 2.5", 1 -1" bud
 - Berries; 2"

Minimum Quantity Must buy at least . Priced each.

it's okay!

When I found this bouquet I was really really excited about it. It looked great in pictures, it has great reviews and the colors I was looking for. but I guess you can't please everyone. The shipping is fast and it came in good packaging. The bouquet itself is really really small. Too much green. The roses are green and not white. I had the bouquet for a day and the flowers fell off, the leaves fell off, I had to go and add flowers to it and make it look bigger and fuller. So not the greatest experience with A floral but oh well. For what I got I wouldn't pay this price for it. The picture is my end result with all the flowers that I Added to it .



Bought these for my bridesmaids, and 2 for my bouquet. They were smaller than I wanted, so I added some more purple (color of the ranunculus tips). Added more white to the 2 I combined to make mine. I got rave reviews.


Loved These

My Bridal Party Ladies carried these with their Eggplant color dresses and they looked amazing...Not to big not to small...although I would have been cool with them being a tad bit larger but they looked amazing!! We wrapped the handles ourselves...They were perfect!!!


Very Pleased

Just perfect. Exactly what we were looking for. Looks very real, and is high quality. (see previous review by us) We wanted to add a photo.

Bardstown, Kentucky

excellent flower

These flowers look exactly like pictures and the texture give that even more real look. Can't wait to hold these walking down the aisle! !!



First, I got mine super quick, kudos on the fast shipping. This bouquet looks even better than the pictures here. I am blown away by the beauty for the low price. I am using these for my wedding instead of real flowers. I am ordering more.


Good Buy :)

Ordered Monday 2/10 and received on 2/13, very fast shipping! Bouquet looks nearly identical to the picture! The only exception are the leaves are a truer green than the color in the picture, which I prefer. My bridesmaid are wearing eggplant, and this will be a good contrast. Fiance loved them as well.

Minneapolis, MN

Love it!!

I am simply in love with this bouquet! I ordered one just to see what it would look like for my bridesmaids, and loved it! They love it too, so I ordered 5 more for all of my girls. The green is gorgeous and will surely give a nice "Pop" of color to their plum dresses!

Gainesville, FL


First of all I have to praise afloral for their amazing shipping. I ordered these on October 22 (at 10:13pmEST) and I received them October 29. I live in Toronto, Canada. Great shipping - and NO DUTY CHARGED EITHER! The flowers are exactly as they are shown - except two of the little berries fell off during shipping. Decent size - bouquet - i bought extra mini calla lilies to add to the bouquet but they look pretty good so I may leave them the way they are. They ARE fake flowers - not real touch quality but they look fantastic in pictures - you can't even tell they are fake! I'm very happy with them!



I love my Bouq. this looks SOOOO real and amazing! i am in love!!!

New Orleans


I ordered a few different bouquets to see if I liked them. This one is very nice. It is full, very pretty, and looks realistic. I ordered more for my bridesmaids and ordered a couple to put together for mine because I liked it that much!


Wedding flowers

I ordered these and they were better thatn what I expected. Just the right size and color. I am using them for my bridesmaids. I have also decided to incooperate on in my bouquet and add a little more. They look real and are a lot cheaper than real flowers.


Wedding flowers

I ordered these and they were better thatn what I expected. Just the right size and color. I am using them for my bridesmaids. I have also decided to incooperate on in my bouquet and add a little more. They look real and are a lot cheaper than real flowers.


Wedding Bouquet

I ordered one of these bouquets for each of my bridesmaids, and ordered two for myself for my wedding. The size turned out perfect and I loved not having to worry about wilting flowers on the day of the wedding. The bouquets looked fantastic in pictures, as well.

Omaha, NE

"Silk" Flowers

Just FYI--silk is the term florists use for "fake" flowers--if a flower is titled as a "silk" that does not mean it is made of silk but rather fake. Definitely sounds better than fake! This is a great looking bouquet!

Minneapolis, MN


I ordered this for my bridal bouquet to see what it would look like. I must say it is nice, but not silk. If you want a smaller size bouquet this is the one for you. However I am thinking of ordering another one to add to mine to make it bigger!


Just perfect

I ordered this also, just to get a feel for it, as I thought they would be perfect for myself (the bride) and my bridesmaids... LOVE IT!! It looks just like the picture! Doesn't look artificial whatsoever! Looks fabulous! Actually, I had a friend mistake it for real flowers! They are just perfect! Thank you!!!


Very Nice!

I ordered one bouquet to see if it would work for my bridesmaids. It looks just as good as it did in the picture. It's a great size for my ladies too. I wrapped the stem with plum ribbon and finished it off with pearl pins down the front. Looks very professional and not super fake like some silk flowers do.



I ordered one of these for my bridal bouqet just to get a feel for the quality and size and it is PERFECT! I could not be happier!

Hancock, MI


I ordered 2 of these for my own bouquet. They really are beautiful! My only concern is that a few of the hydrangea leaves are already shedding, out of the box. But I'll be able to fix it and fluff it to perfection. Couldn't be happier! Shipment arrived really quickly!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Looks just like the picture- Beautiful!

We are planning our wedding and know we wanted these colors in our wedding. we decided to order one of these bouquets- for now- to see if we would like it. To say the least, we LOVED it! It is absolutely perfect! These flowers look very real also, which is fantastic! We were a little worried that they may look a little "fake" or plastic. We were very wrong! They look great!! We are very pleased with them, and will be ordering about a dozen more, soon!! Thank you!

Bardstown, Kentucky

Really Pretty

I wanted to use these as my bridesmaids bouquets, they are beautiful but small. Looks really real, but you would have to bunch at least two together to make a presentable bouquet.


Pew Decorations

I ordered 4 of these to use as pew decorations that would mark off the first 2 rows at the church.. They are beautiful in person, and look very real.. even my florist commented on them saying how much she liked them and asked where I had gotten them from.

Morristown, NJ

Good size

This is a beautiful bouquet and is a good size for bridesmaids. The small balls that look cream in the picture, are yellow-green in person. I was hoping the dark plum flower would be lighter in person but it is not-it looks almost black. The colors are true to the picture and either way it is still pretty.

Sedalia, Missouri

Great match for Lapis dresses

I ordered several of these for my bridesmaids. They are wearing deep purple (Lapis) dresses, and these bouquets look fabulous with them.



I purchased one to see if I liked it and it is beautiful! the flowers are big enouch to seem real. I think I will be purchasing these for my bridesmaids and also for myself! I would suggest getting a 2-4 for the brides bouquet to stand out!


Wonderful buy!

I ordered one to see if I would like it - I received my order in 3 days! When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised on how great they looked! They look real and I will be ordering 3 more for my wedding party!

Hillsborough, New Jersey

Very Nice

We are having a very simple, intimate wedding. These flowers are perfect for that-very pretty and at a terrific price too!

Atlanta, GA

get what you pay for

i am not one to complain about anything, but i just got my bouquet this morning and it is already falling apart. how is it supposed to make it through my wedding day? im going to have to invest in a super glue gun and work on it myself. theres also hot glue lumps all over the joints on this thing already. i guess it didnt work for who ever tried it before.



I think these are almost as good as silk flowers get!

Fairfax, VA


i ordered this bouquet, got it in the other day and they are beautiful. they dont look like cheap flowers either. very pleased!


Pretty Green and Purple

These were so much more pretty than I was expecting. I ordered one of these so I could see it up close to decide if I wanted to use it for my bridesmaids flowers, and I am very happy with the look of it. Thanks!

Southern Indiana


I bought these for my wedding. My bridesmaids are wearing "lapis" deep purple. These are just perfect & best prices for quality flowers. I ordered a few to put together so I would stand out in the wedding. Thank you Afloral great sevice recieved everything in 3 days! The flowers don't look cheap, you won't be disappointed.

LaPorte, IN

Green Heaven

I love It ,, I almost hired a florist to create something similar in fresh for $160!!!!this is perfect simple and cheap!

Atlanta, GA

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