Rose Boutonniere in White - 6.5" Tall


8 Stars
Wedding flowers made simple with this Antique silk white rose boutonniere with white satin wrapped stem and clasp pin, perfect for the groom and groomsmen.

 - 6.5" Tall
 - 3.5" Flower
 - Pin Included

Minimum Quantity 4 Must buy at least 4. Priced each.


these are lovely got them for my groom and grooms men.the browning on the flower is not that bad, barely viewable.But it wasnt an issue because you can easily trim that off if its not your taste. but the size was good and it looks great! thanks!



I think it looks great, but I think it's a bit big for my fiance's taste- I am thinking about just adding a bow and making it a corsage instead! It looks really good though and I am pleased with it


You get what you pay for

I bought a couple of things off this site to see what they look like before I made a decision to go with them for my wedding. Well, I will not be using them for my wedding. This boutonniere looks so fake. Maybe in pictures it would look decent, but I will definitely not be taking the chance.

Circle Pines, MN

Pleased with my order

I got this rose bout' for my fiance to wear in our wedding and it looks exactly as advertised on the site. It's a great size and it's very pretty and realistic. I don't, however, like the way it looks as if it's already wilting. I know it's to seem more lifelike, but I would prefer a freshly bloomed rose to a browning one for my wedding ceremony...

Kemah, Texas

I love it!!

I ordered these among a few other things from this site- so far everything has been better then I expected!! Great quality and the price is perfect!! The flower actually looks real and will look great on the groomsmen!!

St. Ansgar Iowa

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