Real Touch Stargazer Lily in Rubrum Pink - 31" Tall


9 Stars
Beautiful real touch stargazer lily in rubrum pink. A true replica to the real lily and a perfect addition to any elegant bridal bouquet or centerpiece.

-31" Tall
-Flower: 7" Diameter

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these are nice to look at and the colour is pretty good but not as real touch as i would have liked. The top has a nice feel to it but botton of petals are plastic feeling. If using in bouquet and bottoms are hiddin works wonderful.



One of my most favorite flowers I bought on this website. I love lilies and this one is perfect. I made huge flower arrangement (about 120 different flowers) and those real to touch lilies made it all look real. So far they tricked everyone in believing they are fresh. The texture is amazingly detailed.


Perfect except for coloring

I had trouble choosing between the different Stargazer options on this site, so I'm writing this review in case anyone else has the same issue. I bought this one plus the Casablanca Lily in Rubrum Pink to compare. First, shipping was extremely fast. As for the difference between flowers, this one is higher quality. The petals look far more realistic (the Casablanca has some fraying), and I prefer their shape. Up close, this flower still looks good, while the other is better from a distance. The only thing I don't like about this flower is the coloring. The pink is too even; on the Casablanca, the pink is darkest in the center and gets lighter toward the edges, which is what I love about Stargazers. If you aren't picky about color though, and the flowers will be seen up close, go with this one for sure!



I love this flower, they are goregeous. And talk about realistic, everyone tried smelling them! No one could tell that they were fake!

Willmont SC

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