Calla Lily Bouquet in Cream Purple - 10.5" Tall


4 Stars
Luscious calla lily bouquet in cream purple. Add a wonderful splash of color to your centerpiece displays with this beautiful calla lily bouquet in cream purple with swirls of deep purple. Each bouquet is wrapped in a wide white satin ribbon with an enhanced rhinestone silver buckle. 
This bouquet cannot be cut apart to use as individual stems, but can still be added to another bouquet.

 - 10.5" Tall
 - 8 Flowers
 - 3.5" Tall x 3" Wide Blooms

Minimum Quantity


The only thing I like about this bouquet is the way it is tied off with the ribbon and silver buckle, the rest of it looks very cheap and not as full as pictured. I was hoping I could add more flowers to it to maybe give it a little umpf, but the way the flowers are connected make it impossible. As for the purple, it looks very sloppy. Cheaply airbrushed. I might like it better if it was just all white. I'm thinking about making this the throw bouquet rather than the one I walk the aisle with. Needless to say, I am disappointed with this!


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