Silk Flower Sunflower Bush in Yellow Gold


9 Stars
Silk flower sunflower bushes in yellow gold, with 7 flowers measuring 4-6.5" in diameter. A great centerpiece or bouquet to add a touch of summer to any event!

 - 23" Tall
 - 7 Flowers Per Bush
 - 4-6.5" Diameter Blooms

Minimum Quantity Must buy at least . Priced each.

Nice, but will not use them

I think these flowers are nice and look pretty realistic. However, I would suggest buying only one bush to see what think of them before buying all you need to make every bouquet. That's what I did and I ended up deciding not to use them at all, although it was a difficult decision to make. They're not bad by any means. However, they weren't exactly what I had pictured. In the picture the petals are flawless and the center of the flowers are dark brown. My flowers came with some creased and somewhat tattered petals and the centers aren't very dark or brown at all. They're mostly a light yellow color with hints of a very light brown underneath. I love the dark centers of sunflowers because it makes the yellow petals really pop. So I was very disapointed that the centers turned out to look nothing like they do in the picture above. When you get fairly close to the flowers you can tell they're obviously fake but they're still beautiful. They don't look fake in a tacky way. From a distance you would never guess they weren't real and I'm sure they'd photograph beautifully. My only complaints are some imperfect petals as well as the color of the centers.





Thank you very much!! They really look lifelike!! They look so beautiful and I made a same arrangement just like the video it is sooo beautiful i ordered 6 bunches for my daughter's sunshine 1st party theme.




Awesome sunflowers!!

My Fiancee and I bought 1 of these and one of the 21" sunflower and this is by far the better one. THe sunflower centers are much fuller like a real sunflower and are nice and yellow. Really beautiful and high quality product!


Grand Forks, ND


Great for Country Wedding Centerpiece!

I just ordered 10 bunches of these sunflowers for my wedding and they are amazing! I'm going to make an arrangement with willow branches, wheat, etc but they would work really well alone too. Two bunches of these would make for a breathtaking tall centerpiece! They do look very natural (I was particularly impressed with the leaves). The only part that I wasn't too happy about was the underside of the actual flower, but in an arrangement that probably won't be seen anyway so it's not that big of a problem. And of course, as in the picture, they do look better from far away than up close-however, considering they are silk and not real, I'd say they're a pretty good alternative. The stems are very solid, the leaves have a nice (almost velvety) texture, and the flowers are nice in that the petals settle very naturally. Definitely recommend!




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