Baby's Breath - 19" in White


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19" silk flower baby's breath bush in white can be used in as a bush or cut apart for bouquets, swags or multiple projects. Each bush features 48 flowers per stem and 18 stems per bush totaling 864 flowers.

Minimum Quantity

Cut Apart for Filler

used in all the girls bouquets and in the guys boutonierres.

West Palm, FL


The flowers are too large on this to be close to baby's breath.They also read more green than white due to the steams poking through the flowers

Ann Arbor, MI

Dainty Centerpieces

I used these for my wedding centerpieces in my grandmothers LARGE collection of antique vases of various sizes. It was inexpenseive and had the look of ultra feminine romance.


Should probably pass

I bought these to add to a sunflower bouquet but have decided not to use them. I don't feel they look authentic enough even at a short distance. I was also expecting the indvidual flowers to be really tiny. They're small but not nearly as small as actual baby's breath. To me they don't look like baby's breath at all for this reason. If you don't mind a slightly larger version of baby's breath I think they could make a nice accent without looking too fake. However, if you want your bouquet to have a lot of baby's breath these will end up making it look fake in my opinion. One idea would be to buy your other flowers through afloral and then buy real baby's breath to add to it at the grocery store. It's pretty inexpensive and wouldn't be difficult to add.


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