Hydrangea, Ranunculus, and Anemone Clutch Wedding Bouquet in Purple and Lavender - 11" Tall


7 Stars
This beautiful small clutch wedding bouquet consists of roses, hydrangea, and anemone in a mix of purples, lavender, accented with cream ranunculus. Measures 11" tall and 8-10" in diameter. The mixture of softer cream and lavender with the purple accents makes this a feminine and dramatic bouquet. Great for center pieces or for a wedding party.

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Good value, needs a little help

Afloral shipping is always SO fast!! This bouquet is a great value. I set out to make all my bridesmaids' bouquets from scratch and crossed my fingers that this bouquet would be a decent "starter" bouquet that I would just have to tweak a little bit. Luckily I was right! I popped out the dead-looking lilac hydrangeas and added bright roses instead, and painted the middles of the white anemones black instead of the plastic green. I'm adding a few feathers and wrapping the stems with purple ribbon and that'll be it! Like I said, a little work, but waaay less than starting from scratch!


Philadelphia, PA


love it!

mine arrived the day after it was shipped. i was shocked to see it on my doorstep! i love the look of the bouquet; the individual flowers look realistic. i purchased some rhinestone floral picks to toss in and they look amazing in the arrangement. anyone trying to find a cute bouquet for a bargain: this is a deal you can't pass up!




best deal

this is the best deal i have found i mixed it with creams for centerpieces and for my bouquet i used 2 and toke out the cream.




Quite Pleased

Overall I'm quite pleased with the bouquet. I am planning on using the bouquet as a centrepiece, three bouquets on each rectangular table. The smaller flowers with green centres look very fake, so I pulled those out and fluffed up the hydrangea. No one would be the wiser there were smaller flowers there. I also had to colour the centres of the purple anemones with a black permanent marker as the green centres again made it look fake. But with these quick easy fixes I'm quite pleased. I will be ordering a few "extras" as with any silk florals the odd "defective" bouquet will arise i'm sure Does it look super real? NO... Does it look cheap like those "Dollar Store" pre-assembled bouquets? NO Do they look nice and acceptable for the price? YES!


Coquitlam, BC


Not Impressed

I bought this for a tossing bouquet and when i received it the lavender flowers were bent and out of shape the white flowers in the middle as shown with kind of a black-looking center actually looked dead. The bouquet was life-less and will not be used in my wedding.


Alma, Arkansas


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