Cymbidium Orchid Latex Wedding Bouquet in Green Burgundy - 10" Tall CLOSEOUT


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10" Tall latex cymbidium orchid wedding bouquet in green with burgundy highlights in the center and green grass accents. Bouquet measures approximately 7.5" in diameter with a white chiffon ribbon wrapped around the stems for a finished look that is perfect for any tropical event. There are 9 individual flowers on each wedding bouquet.

Minimum Quantity 2

Loved them

They turned out beautifully. I added some very simple life-like accents, (mistletoe berries and some white wildflower looking stalks with grass shoots) and they looked ornate, expensive, and gorgeous. I couldn't stop looking at them! One drawback was the petals sticking together. I got them apart and you don't notice where they were stuck but expect to have to work on each flower to let it get it's shape back. I also wiped with damp cloth to remove dust. Great buy and I would do it again in a heartbeat, totally worth the effort, they look like real flowers.



The petals do tend to stick together..just need to be separated. I love the realism...MUCH prettier in person! Using these for main part of bridesmaid bouquets and will mix in some rose buds. Think this green will be quite striking against their black dresses! GREAT VALUE!!!


Loved it!!!!

I loved these flowers!! Made my bouqet out ofthem, looks like real.. I combined 3 together, turned out to be very nice.



I had these come for my bridesmaid, with intentions of taking them apart and adding more color, however they are just BEAUTIFUL as they are! It was just the color I wanted, not a real bright green, but perfect for my girls! I was very impressed with these! Like the real thing!


Not Bad for the Price

I got married several hours away and wanted to have a backup in case my fresh cymbidium orchid bouquet didn't hold up. I ordered 6. I took out the grass accents (CHEESY!) and retied 3 bouquets together for my bouquet. I retied the 3 other bouquets individually for the bridesmaids. It turned out I didn't need the back up bouquets, but I keep these on display with other wedding momentos.


Not exactly green

I ordered this bouqet as a sample for my wedding since I wanted green orchids, I wouldnt exactly call this their color green, I found the flowers to be more yellow-green


totally sqhished.

these flowers are good to use as an accent, although they are totally squished by the way they are packaged and although the have pretty realistic petals they are assembled awfully, glue in awkward places making them appear even more squished and the heads on half of them are just falling off. Don't buy unless you are planning to take this bouquet apart and redesign it.

c.s. tx

Made Stunning Bouquet!

I used these for my wedding bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and boutonnieres in 2009. I LOVE THEM! I added white silk Ranunculus and tucked colored tulle into the bouquet. I finished it off with wide silk ribbon wrapped around the stems. They turned out stunning!

Macon, GA


The picture is pretty accurate. They do arrive a little squished in the shipping box, but are easy to fluff out. The bear grass is very fake looking so I took it out. They look real in the sense that they have a rubbery texture and they're not made of silk, but they still look a little fake. I'm hoping that they'll look better as part of a larger arrangement or used as accents in my wedding.


Lovely choice

These are very pretty. I am using them for centrepieces on guest tables and they are durable and classy looking. The only thing is, they are a touch too pale and I was also surprised at the texture, a little rubbery but the look is fantastic once I arranged it with a few accents, etc! Altogether a great choice for synthetic arrangements!

ontario, canada

Great bouquet

I used these for my bridesmaids and took them apart for boutonnieres and center piece things, and we also tucked them into the tulle on the head table, and to decorate the wedding cake. They do come sorta squashed so we fluffed them, and I didn't like the grass wrapped around them I thought it alone looked super fake so I swapped it for bear grass behind the flowers. But they looked so good my photographer was surprised my flowers were silk!

Princeton, NJ

Looks like real flowers

I really like the texture of this bouquet. However it is small... I am thinking to mix 2 of them or to add some real green hydrangeas to the bouquet to make it look bigger and real.



I just received them. The green-ness is a bit lighter than what I expected but other than that, it looks really great when combined with cream roses. Definitely going to use these for my bridesmaids' bouquets.



The petals are very realistic. I was just a little surprised at how small the bouquet is. Definitely not a bridal bouquet. I'm glad I ordered this for another purpose.


My clients love them!

I made a weddng bouquet with these and the pink colored ones and it came out stunning! My bride LOVED it and now i have clients contacting me for the same bouquet. They look great, they do squish when you apply lots of pressure but they bounce back well, and they look FABULOUS in photos. I will deffinately buy these again.

Ottawa, Canada

They're OK but not great.

They aren't the best in quality but they're still nice for fake flowers. Due to packaging they're squished a bit and the blooms aren't all glued to the stems very well. I ordered these for my wedding bouquet and I decided to use them in my centerpieces instead and went with a better quality orchid for my wedding bouquet.

Melbourne Florida


I love these they turned out wonderfully. The only drawback was that when i got them they were scruched. I found if you warmed them they went right back to shape.


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