Hydrangea Wedding Silk Bouquet in Purple Lavender - 11" Tall


9 Stars
A beautiful mix of large and small hydrangea silk bouquet flowers. This wedding bouquet is the perfect size for a bridesmaid or a great starting point for a bridal bouquet. 

 - 11" Tall
 - 9" Diameter. 
 - 3 Cream stems with purple and blue highlights
 - 3 Royal purple stems
 - 5 Two-tone Purple stems

Minimum Quantity Must buy at least . Priced each.

Beautiful bouquet!

I am so please with these bouquets - the hydrangeas look quite real especially from a short distance (eg. 3ft). The size can be slightly modified depending on how much you fluff it out - it can be 7 inches compressed or even 10 inches if you really fluff out the stems to add other fillers. There are a few petals (like 2-3) with imperfections such as slight miscoloration or not cut quite properly but overall it looks very very good. I ordered two so far and I received almost mirror image bouquets - so not identical, but I think this is even more natural looking especially if all my bridesmaids are carrying one of these. The leaves are all underneath the bouquet and they are not that great - they're definitely misshapen by packaging and they don't look very realistic. I will probably get rid of most of them. I attach pictures with relative size to my body (I'm 5'3), with it flash and with flash.

Vancouver BC

beautiful bouquet - additional photo

Photo without flash

vancouver bc

beautiful bouquet - additional photo 2

Photo with flash

vancouver bc

Beautiful Bouquet - the leaves can go

I bought these to use as bridesmaids bouquets and as a base bouquet for my own bouquet. The flowers are beautiful - I'm very happy with the way they look. I have received two of the bouquets so far and they are sort of mirror images of each other - so not identical, which I think will look more natural when each of my bridesmaids is carrying one. There are some minor defects on 2-3 petals only - bad color or a bad cut of the petal, but overall the flowers look very very good. The leaves are all underneath the bouquet and not throughout as the advertised image shows. The leaves are quite fake looking and I will probably get rid of them. The stems are plastic and definitely fake looking but they are sturdy. I will cover the stems with floral tape and ribbon so this is a non-issue for me. The bouquet can be adjusted for size too - if kept compact it is probably about 7 inches in diameter, but you can fluff out the individual hydrangea stalks and make its probably up to 10 inches in diameter. You can also totally separate the stalks and rearrange to form another bouquet. These were shipped very quickly and and they arrived in very good condition.

Vancouver, BC

Love it

I am so happy I went with this bouquet for my bridal party. It is so pretty and totally affordable!


Looks so real!

I LOVE this bouquet! It looks so real and looks exactly like the picture portrays it. I only ordered one at first just to see what it looks like. I will be ordering more for my Bridesmaid to use as their bouquets. I am so excited! I added a few small ivory roses in the bouquet just to give it an extra pop. I also wrapped the stems in Ivory lace to add even more flair that will go with my wedding colors. Overall, i am so pleased with this bouquet as well as all the other flowers i ordered from AFloral.com. Very impressed!

Valparaiso, Indiana


I was so hesitant about ordering a silk flower bouquet, but was so suprised at how beautiful these are!! I would definitely recommend these!

Jonesboro, AR


I'd say it looks better in this picture but it's still pretty. Not too small nor too big. It has more purple than blue though.


Great Buy!

I am using this as my throw bouquet for my wedding in July! It is the perfect size and cheap price with my exact colors.

Dubuque, IA


I used this as a starting point for my bridal bouquet, combining with another pre-made bouquet from this site. These flowers tended to come apart a little easier that I would have liked. But the quality of the flowers is amazing, you can't beat it for the price. Would buy from afloral again and again! Arrived quickly too, great for a bride in a time crunch! :)


Definitely looks fake!

I ordered all of my flowers from Afloral and I loved them all... except for this bouquet (which I was going to use for my bridal bouquet no less!). Just from the way the flowers are, you can clearly see the stems are plastic. I am going to be taking these apart and combining them with another bouquet so hopefully it will look "normal". They aren't terrible but be warned!

New Jersey

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