Calla Lily Hand-Tied Arm Wedding Bouquet in White


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Bold and elegant, this long-stem calla wedding bouquet includes 9 stunning white calla lilies with white stamens.  The stems are hand-wrapped and tied with a satin white ribbon.  These calla lilies are made from a flexible latex material that allows them to hold their shape and not become wrinkled. Each calla wedding flower head measures 4" tall with a 3.5" opening. The stems are 20" long, and can be dropped in water.

Calla Lily

They are almost real looking, but real the 9 are not enough so that it could look full. Not for a bouquet for centerpieces yes! it will work great!



I cant wait to walk down the aisle with my beautiful flowers.Shipment arrived faster than expected. Highly impressed. Great job


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