11" Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet in Cream


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This traditional dome wedding bouquet filled with cream silk hydrangeas with a hint of pink blush is accented at the base with deep green leaves. 11" tall. Bouquet may require some minor "fluffing" when it arrives and can measure up to 10 inches in diameter. Silk Bouquets are a beautiful hassle free alternative to more expensive fresh bouquets.

if you expect nice bouquet ,, do NOT order this

I read all the reviews before I order this. some reviews are saying, its pinkish BUT very pretty!!! I just got mine today, and..........very disappointed. color I describe its not white at all, NO white. its like a boston cream color with very light pink in the end. AND,, it says approximately 10" in diameter, but much smaller.


Even better in person!

I ordered these for my bridesmaids so they could be used twice-once for my destination wedding and again for a local reception, and they exceeded my expectations! I even ordered two to combine and make a larger one for myself. The only drawback is that the stems are very fake, but since I planned to hand tie them in ribbon to match the wedding colors, that was not a problem for me. I I highly recommend these!!!


Quite nice but

These flowers look quite nice and quite realistic, but there are shades of pink (not pure white as shown in the picture). Also, although the flowers looked realistic, they looked a little bit old


Good, but to cream and yellow!

I was planning on using these for my bridesmaids but they are too yellow and cream (I need bright white)! They also have a pink hue which is not my color. I will be returning. If these are your colors then this is perfect for you.

Dubuque, IA

Bridal bouquet

The quality of these hydrangeas is very nice, but I felt like the color was a little more yellow than I expected.


Perfect Base

I bought one of these to see if the quality was good enough for my 5 bridesmaids' bouquets. With the cheapest shipping option, it arrived 2 days later, and I'm very impressed with the quality. I added some paper flowers and some feather accents and I now have my bridal bouquet!

Warsaw, NY


i got these for my bmaids. added 5 calla lily stems and they look great. it was so easy to make my own bouquet. can not wait to see them against their royal blue dresses.

Cincinnati, OH

Great buy!

I love the bouquet! It does have a slight touch of pink on the leaves as one review said so I only ordered one to check it out. I'm finishing my order for the rest now! Perfect size for the bridesmaids and for my budget! I even turned my soon to be mother in law on to them and that was hard to do! I will recommemd this site to all!

St. Louis, MO

Very Nice.....

I love these flowers. So glad I found this site. They offer everythin and for great prices. As other reviewers stated this bouquet does feature hints of pink, which is not a problem I believe it makes them look real. As for the size it's perfect for B- Maids. I will be using this for my brides brooch bouquet so it will be perfect once the broochses are added to it. If not I would need to by another one to make it a little bigger. Please don't hesitate. buy it. You can't loose.

New York

Great Size for Bridesmaids

I ordered these for my bridesmaids and they're the perfect size and beautifully put together. They have a little more pink tint in the center than what the picture shows, but it complements the flowers instead of taking away from them. I wrapped the stems in wide cream satin ribbon and they look PERFECT for my bridemaids. I definitely recommend them!


Good flowers terrible leaves

The flowers look good however the leaves with wrinkled, discolored, and poor quality.



These look like the real thing. I actually perfer these since hydrangeas wilt so easily. Will be ordering these for my bridesmaids!

Ardmore, PA

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