Small Confetti Rose Silk Wedding Bouquet in Fuchsia Pink


10 Stars
Chic and Simple this Small Confetti Rose Silk Wedding Bouquet is the perfect choice for that Spring Time Wedding. 9" tall and 7" in diameter with Open Roses in Light Pink, Fuchsia and Chartruese with a hint of Mauve. Open Stems give these wedding flowers that fresh out of the Garden look. Each bridal bouquet has 6 open roses and 6 rose buds.


My wife used this for her bridal bouquet. I used the Two Tone Pink style (without the Fuchsia) for mine, and hers ended up complimenting perfectly! We used three of these put together. It turned out beautifully!


I love it!

I purchased this in 2008 for my wedding. I thought it was perfect. I didn't even want to throw it at my reception and I'm still mad that I did lol.

Ann Arbor, MI


I ordered one of these as a test to see if I liked it enough for my wedding flowers. Some of the flowers arrived a little droopy. I'm hoping that I can fix it with some hot glue. I'm also planning on wrapping the stems with ribbon, because they look like the green plastic that they are. Otherwise this bouquet is very cute and I will be ordering more for the rest of my bridesmaids.


Exactly what I wanted

I ordered 3 of these to combine in one for my bridal bouquet. I am just so in LOVE...they are super gorgeous and look so much prettier in person than the picture...My wedding is in May and I am so glad that I ordered from here. I will be ordering from this website again. Thanks and they are super beautiful

Rome, GA


Huge WOW! I was excited when I came across this arrangement. They are as beautiful as they are in this photo. I took a picture of myself holding this and not only do they look gorgeous in hand, they look great in photos! If you are looking for gorgeous arrangements for you and your bridesmaids, don't hesitate to order! You are going to save hundreds of dollars buying these gorgeous silk flowers.


These are beautiful!

I just received my first order from Afloral. I must say I am very impressed with these flowers. They are perfect for a bridesmaid bouquet. They look real and the colors are so pretty. I am ordering more for the rest of my bridal party. Excellent buy!


good choice!!!

I ordered one to test it.. they look great, everyone I show is so amazed how great they look!
I ordered 6 more..


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