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Cascading Blue and White Peacock and Orchid Bouquet Idea

Cascading bouquets are coming back in style, and this one makes a gorgeous statement.
  • We started with 2 of the blue orchid stems, 1 open sophia white rose, and 4 open white roses for the flowers.  We also included peacock feathers and some greenery from the button fern bush.
  • You will need wire and hot glue to assemble this bouquet.
  • Start by putting the two orchid stems together.  Don't cut them just yet.
  • Add the large sophia rose in between the orchids, and add the other white roses around the outside of them to make what looks like a round bouquet with just the orchids hanging down.
  • Add pieces of the button fern bush around the outside.  The pieces can be taller than the flowers.
  • Bend the stems so that the bouquet is facing downward which creates the cascade.
  • Secure the stems with stem tape and trim the ends so they are the same length and easy to hold.  Make sure that when you hold the stems, your bouquet is facing out and downward and looks like it is cascading.
  • To add the peacock feathers, take floral wire and lay it down on top of the quill.  Use stem wrap to secure it.  You will not use the whole quill.  Cut them down to the lengths you want in your bouquet.
  • Use the wire and stem wrap to secure the peacock feathers into the bouquet where you want them.
  • Finish the stems with ribbon for the finishing touch.
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