DIY Easy Fall Pumpkin Arrangement

Gather Silk Flowers & Floral Supplies Needed to Make Your Fall Arrangement
Step 1: Gather the items you will need to make your fall arrangement including an artificial pumpkin, floral foam, glue, floral tape, clippers, and assorted faux flowers in fall colors.

Step 2: Remove the stem from the top of the artificial pumpkin.

Place Floral Foam Onto Pumpkin & Clip Down Flower Stems
Step 3: Cut a small piece of dry floral foam and place at top center of the pumpkin with a bit of hot glue. Use floral tape to make sure the foam is secure.

Step 4: Starting with the flowers, clip down the stems to the desired length.

Insert Faux Flowers Into Foam Starting in the Center
Step 5: Insert flowers into the foam starting with the largest flower in the center.

Step 6: Continue adding your flowers, working your way out from the center. 

Fill in Any Empty Spaces with Berries & Greenery
Steps 7 & 8: Once all the fall silk flowers are inserted, fill in any empty areas and add some texture with assorted berries and greenery

Easy Fall Pumpkin Arrangement with Silk Flowers
That's it! Enjoy your beautiful fall pumpkin centerpiece arrangement.

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