DIY Fall Wreath Candle Centerpiece

What You’ll Need: You can use any combination of garlands to create this wreath.  We recommend mixing a berry garland with a leaf garland.

Step 1: Wrap your leaf garland into a circle.  You can wrap it around a hurricane vase to get an accurate size for a candle ring. Secure into a circle with floral tape.

Step 2: Cut the length of garland you need from your second garland. Our berry garland comes in three detachable pieces.

Step 3: Wrap the berry garland around the leaves.  Secure with floral tape.

Step 4: Add fall décor picks, such as pumpkin picks or pine cones, to the wreath for a more festive look.  Secure to the wreath with floral tape or hot glue.

Step 5: For a door wreath, add a wire loop to the top to hang from.  You may also want to add a decorative ribbon.