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DIY Floral Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging

For an upcoming event or a unique home accent, this lighted floral wall hanging is a colorful and gorgeous addition to any décor.  Follow this simple DIY by Mignon Floral Co. and make your own!

Wall Hanging

Gather your materials.  For this floral wall hanging you will need a wood frame of any size, plastic fencing, thin material for backing, a staple gun, glue gun, hot glue, scissors, electrical tape, LED string lights, and your favorite artificial flowers.

Wall Hanging

Step 1: Using your staple gun, attach the plastic fencing to the back of the wooden frame.  Cut off the access fencing with scissors.

Wall Hanging

Step 2:Using hot glue, attach the LED string lights control box to one of the corners of the frame.  Make sure that you can access the controls from the front.  (The back of the frame will be covered with backing.)

Step 3: Spread the lights around the entire frame.  Secure the wires to the plastic fencing with electrical tape.

Wall Hanging

Step 4: Remove the flower heads from their stems.  Arrange the flowers in a pattern you like.  When you have achieved the desired look attach the flower heads to the plastic fencing with hot glue. Be sure to keep the light control accessible but slightly hidden by florals.
Wall Hanging

Step 5: Once the silk flowers are secured to the fencing turn the frame over and staple the fabric backing to the frame.  
Wall Hanging
You now have a beautiful lighted floral wall hanging.  You can mix any colors, florals or greenery to make a the look you love.  

If you make your own wall hanging using these steps and artificial flowers we'd love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral

Designed by Mignon Floral Co.
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