DIY Woodland Fairy Costume

Woodland Fairy Headpiece Wand and Wings

Learn how to create a quick and easy (and adorable!) woodland fairy costume for your little one. In the steps below we will show you how to create a flower headpiece, floral wand, and fairy wings.

Supplies to create a woodland fairy costume | Step 1 clip large flower

Items you will need. We used 3 large peonies in assorted colors, 1 hydrangea bloom, ribbon, and 6 dieffenbachia leaves. You will also need glue, scissors, white felt, floral tape, wire cutters, a small foam sphere, and a hair clip or headband for the headpiece. 

1. Flower Headpiece. Remove the flower head or clip down one of the larger flowers to use for your headpiece.

Cut 2 felt circles | Attach one to back of flower head

Cut 2 small circles out of the white felt. Hot glue one of the circles to the back of the flower.

Glue hair clip to second piece of felt | Attach to back of flower head

Hot clue the second piece of felt to your hair clip or head band and glue to the first felt circle. Your hairpiece is done!

Clip hydrangea into smaller clusters | Insert into foam sphere

2. Fairy Wand. Clip apart the hydrangea bloom into smaller clusters to use for your fairy wand and insert into the foam sphere, covering the entire ball.

Clip flower stem to use for fairy wand | Cut ribbon to add to wand handle

Clip the stem off of one of your other silk flowers - this will be used for the wand handle! Cut a few pieces of ribbon in various lengths and glue together.

Glue ribbons to wand handle and insert into foam sphere

Attach the ribbons to the flower stem and insert the wand handle into the foam sphere. You may want to use a little hot glue here as well to secure the handle. Your fairy wand is finished!

Shape leaves in arcs to create fairy wings

3. Fairy Wings. The dieffenbachia leaves have wired stems! Shape the wire stems in arcs to make the wing base. We used 3 leaves per side but you can add more depending on the size and fullness of your fairy costume.

Cut 2 pieces of felt | Glue on either side of the leaf stems to secure wings

Cut out 2 rectangular pieces of white felt. Once you have shaped the leaves, hot glue the stems to the first piece of felt. Let dry. Attach the second felt rectangle on the top of the stems. This will secure your fairy wing base and give you extra space to glue your flowers!

Trim leaf stems | Glue 2 pieces of ribbon to felt

Trim the stems of the leaves. Don't worry if they are showing a little, the flowers we attach later will cover that!

Cut 2 long pieces of ribbon. These will be used to hold the wings onto your little one. Make sure to measure first to make sure the ribbon is long enough to tie around your child's shoulders and under their arms. Hot glue the ribbon to either side of the felt.

Hot glue faux flowers to the felt to cover and finish the look

Finally, add your woodland fairy faux flowers by simply hot gluing them to the felt. We used 2 large peonies and filled with with greenery and leftover hydrangea clusters. 

Tie on the wings, clip in the headpiece and enjoy your woodland fairy costume!

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