How to Make a Boutonniere - Character Wedding

How to Make a Boutonniere - Character Wedding

Planning a character wedding?  Make your own boutonniere with your favorite characters and silk wedding flowers.  Follow this simple DIY video and create a one of a kind wedding look that will personalize your wedding day.

Materials: Find most of the materials you’ll need on You can use a pre-made boutonniere or make your own with any of our silk flowers.   Add your favorite character.  It can be a PEZ® dispenser, LEGO® or any other small toy.

Step 1: Use the wire cutters to cut the stem of your flower, leaving a few inches for pinning.  Cut any greenery that you don't want off of the stem as well.

Step 2: Cut a piece off of the greenery and wrap the flower and greenery stems together with stem wrap.

Step 3: Attach the toy to a piece of discarded stem or wire using stem wrap.  You could use hot glue for extra hold. 

Step 4: Attach the wire holding the toy to the boutonniere with stem wrap to finish.  

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