DIY Tropical Bouquet

Make your own Tropical Bouquet using Real Touch flowers and tropical leaves for your Modern Tropical Wedding. 
Tropical Bouquet
Materials: Gather together your favorite artificial tropical flowers and leaves from  You will also need wire cutters, stem wrap and ribbon
tropical bouquet
Step 1: Start by trimming the long stems using wire cutters and bundling flowers together.  Secure with stem wrap.

tropical bouquet

Step 2: Repeat the above step and make a second bundle. 
tropical bouquet

Step 3: Combine the two bundles and add tropical leaves around the bouquet.  Secure together with floral tape. 
tropical bouquet
Step 4: Wrap the bouquet stems with silk ribbon to finish your bouquet. 
tropical bouquet
You have now made your own Tropical Wedding Bouquet using artificial flowers from  This bouquet will not wilt in the hot sun and will last long after your wedding day.  Place the bouquet in a vase after your wedding and enjoy in your home for many years.
If you make your own wreath with artificial flowers we'd love to see it, please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral.

Designed by KBlossom Designs.

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