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Wedding Hair Accessories

FlowernHair Comb

Materials: A Plastic or Wire Hair Comb, Silk Flowers & Greenery, Canvas or Needlepoint Mesh, Pencil, Scissors, Needle and Thread

Floral Hair Comb

Step 1: Measure the comb on the canvas and mark the desired length, height and width of your comb. Don't make it too much wider than the comb, or it won't hold up under the weight of your beautiful blooms!

Floral Hair Comb

Step 2: Cut out an oval shape slightly larger than the length of your comb. Begin creating your comb by threading the needle and hand-stitching on a few pieces of greenery. Choose a thread in a color that will blend in with your flowers.

Floral Hair Comb

Step 3: Begin adding some of your filler blooms (sweet peas and ranunculus). Stitch them on solidly to the fabric, looping the thread around the stems of the flowers (or through the inner petals) several times. 

Floral Hair Comb

Step 4: Add your focal flower (white gardenia), and make any small adjustments to the flowers' positions. 

Floral Hair Comb

Step 5: Position the flowers on the comb. Securely stitch the fabric oval to the comb by looping it around the prongs of the comb. For extra security, stitch back along the comb diagonally. 

Floral Hair Comb

Add to your wedding or prom coif and enjoy a romantic, timeless look!

Mix it up with a variety of artificial flowers types and colors from and for more DIY hair comb and accessory inspiration and how-to visit Flourish & Knot

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