Cream Artificial Snowballs

Summer Snowballs and Our Hottest Floral Trends

Predictions in design can be notoriously tricky, from interior fashion design to beauty and even florals. It isn't easy to see into the future. However, many of our florists and experts conduct research that peeks into what might become the next big trend in décor and floral arrangements. We've gathered our notes and think we might know the newest refreshing style in summery florals for you!

We're excited to dive in, so let's get right to it!


Cream Artificial Snowballs

Did you know there are at least seven different viburnum shrubs and bushes called snowball bushes? There's the European snowball bush, known as Viburnum opulus 'Roseum,' and the most commonly known. Then, there are other beautiful snowball bushes like the Chinese snowball bush (Viburnum macrocephalum) , Japanese snowball bush (Viburnum plicatum), and the grand flowering snowball bush (Viburnum plicatum 'Granfiflorum.')
You could try and grow these, of course, but they require full sun and part shade, loamy, well-drained soil with average moisture, and once-a-year fertilizing. Or—and hear us out—you could have stunningly beautiful realistic artificial snowball flowers that bloom for decades.

We think snowball flowers will always be popular due to their unique characteristics and versatility. Known for their abundance of blooms, they are a flawless choice if you love and want to create a full and lush arrangement. Our artificial snowballs mimic the natural with flowers in clusters, each containing multiple blooms for a voluminous appearance. Our snowballs are available in cream white, soft green, pure white, and light green for a pop of bright freshness.

In addition to their bounty of blooms, snowballs have a one-of-a-kind texture that adds depth and interest to any floral arrangement.


Green Window Hydrangea

Do you adore hydrangeas with their wide variety of colors, such as talc white, blush, blue, beige, mauve, green, pink, and blue? We do too! However, we also get a bit tired of paying a premium price to keep fresh hydrangeas in our homes—not to mention the environmental impact the fresh flower trade can have on our planet.

Artificial hydrangeas are an incredibly versatile, cost-saving, environmentally conscious choice for those who love this flower. Since we have a wide range of colors and shades, you can create a visually arresting arrangement that flawlessly complements nearly every décor or event theme. You aren't limited to just arrangements in a vase or container either. Artificial hydrangeas can be used to create table centerpieces, wreaths, bouquets, and art, and their beauty can be enjoyed every summer, or any season, for years.

Whether hosting a summer soiree, BBQ, family get-together, or simply looking for a refreshing summer vibe, these beautiful artificial hydrangeas are a great choice.


The bougainvillea is one of the most notoriously heat-loving plants that adore thriving in summer when other plants wilt and die. The hotter and more sun a bougainvillea gets, the more it blooms and the brighter the color. Unfortunately, many of us do not live where a bougainvillea can thrive, so what can you do to bring this summer vine into your home? Go artificial!

Our Fuschia Bougainvillea hanging bush is 43" of joyful color with blossoms all year round. With its vibrant, true-to-life bright colors, you'll enjoy the remainder of warm, sunny days of summer by adding this cheerful pop of color to any room—regardless of the season or the temperatures outside.

Created with wired stems, our vivacious bougainvillea can be arranged and molded into nearly any shape you desire, displayed on its own, or paired with our other favorite florals for a visually arresting addition to your living space.

Queen Anne's Lace

In Home Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace, also known as wild carrot, is an elegant and delicate flower perfect for summer floral arrangements. We've managed to preserve that wild and natural feel in our artificial Queen Anne's Lace and dried, allowing you to bring effortless delicacy to any bouquet, display, or occasion.

Queen Anne's Lace is named aptly, as it has a spectacular cluster of tiny blooms that look as if spun from lace. This delicacy adds intricate bunches of small, white flowers with a romantic and airy quality to any centerpiece, vase, or arrangement—one of the many reasons why it is always a florist's favorite.

Finding a floral that doesn't look gorgeous when paired with Queen Anne's Lace, with its long and sturdy stem to create visual texture for a more giant bouquet, is scarce. While it's an abundant and affordable flower, dried or artificial Queen Anne's Lace lasts not just weeks but years—possibly decades—and can be reused, repurposed, and re-arranged thousands of different ways, over and over again.
Whether you create an arrangement of just Queen Anne's Lace or pair it with other summer florals such as sunflowers, dahlias, hydrangeas, snowballs, or zinnias, this floral seamlessly fits.

Floral Pairing Ideas

Regarding these sensational summer blooms, we have a few ideas on what florals to experiment with in pairing them to create an arrangement. Here are just a few thoughts!

For the Snowballs:
• Cream or white roses with a handful of faux snowballs in green dotted with Ranunculus with touches of Artificial Lemon Leaf sprays for greenery.

For Hydrangeas:
• You can't go wrong pairing artificial roses, peonies, or silk Dahlias when creating an arrangement with hydrangeas. Use faux Foxglove or Delphiniums to generate height and choose greenery such as olive branches, fern leaves, or eucalyptus.

For Bougainvillea:
• The lush romantic style of bougainvillea lends itself to other flowers with the exact nature. Ranunculi, roses, and peonies can all balance and create visual cohesiveness when paired with the bright bougainvillea. Try a touch of Faux amaranthus and leaf for a balance of fresh green.

For Queen Anne's Lace:
• With such a beautiful, neutral palette and lacy delicacy, your options are almost endless when it comes to pairing other florals with Queen Anne's Lace. For a start, we think that baby's breath, lavender, delicate pink roses, hydrangeas, or whatever flower feels right to you.

We hope you've enjoyed our summer floral favorites, and we've managed to whip up an inspiring bunch of ideas for your home, celebration, event, or any space you're seeking to liven up. At Afloral, we would love to see what you come up with using our flowers! Please feel free to share on social media and tag us. We're excited to see your summer beauties!

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Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.