Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard

Simple Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard

Recently, we teamed up with interior designer Shelby Girard to style a simple Spring flower arrangement, showcase a few of our new ceramic vases, and chat tips and tricks to help bring any space to life. As VP of Creative & Design at Havenly, Shelby brings years of experience in the interior design space and always integrates florals into her signature warm minimalist, meets modern chateau vibe.
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Can you tell us a little about your journey into the world of interior design?
I always had an interest in homes and interiors and how the layout and style of a space could change a mood, but it was in my mid-20s that I realized it could be a career. 
I got really into design blogs at the time and started experimenting more in my own spaces, and then I started dating Chris, who is now my husband, and we shared a real connection for design. As he was preparing to go get his Master's in Architecture and become licensed, I decided to go get my Master's in Interior Design.
I found Havenly shortly after completing that program and have really grown up professionally there while honing my personal style and learning a lot about renovations and design through the projects Chris and I have tackled.
Shelby Girard Spring Flower Arrangements
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
You also photograph and style, how did interior photography come into your wheelhouse?
I am by no means a professional photographer, I simply love to document moments I find inspiring. As we've renovated and designed our spaces over the years, I've realized that people love to come along on the journey, and so I started to document more and more of the process as well as the finished product. 
Creating content, styling, and documenting our work is really just a hobby that happens to coincide with my career. Some people hike on the weekends, some style and create content... although I should really take up hiking and get out more.
Where’s your favorite place to find inspiration? 
Instagram, good old-fashioned design books, and other people's homes. I love seeing how other people live, how they display things that are meaningful and take a lot of inspiration from non-designers who just have an artful eye and an interesting and not so forced way of arranging things.  
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
What drew you to styling florals and how do they play into your design work?
Florals go hand-in-hand with interior design. I love adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space through a Spring arrangement, or a sculptural element to a vase with some sparse branches. Florals have the ability to instantly add life to a space and are an easy way to change the mood or vibe of a room without swapping out too much. 
Best tip for styling fake flowers? 
Lean into asymmetry for a less perfect look that feels natural, and don't be afraid to really get in there and bend some stems, re-shape the leaves, cut some off where they feel too full. The benefit of faux florals is their durability - they really allow you to shape them exactly as you wish.
Best tip for styling dried florals?
Keep it simple. Sometimes the most beautiful arrangements are the simplest - stick with one type of dried floral and put a few stems in your favorite vase.
Best tip for creating an effortlessly artful arrangement?
As with dried florals I love an arrangement that's just a bunch of one type of flower - you can never go wrong with a handful of greenery or bunch of hydrangeas. But for mixed arrangements I would again lean into asymmetry and try to refrain from stuffing the vase too full, leaving some negative space between branches.
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
Spring Flower Arrangements with Shelby Girard
Most rewarding thing about being a creative?
Seeing something through from concept to reality is really powerful and rewarding, and the more times you do it, the more confidence you gain in your ideas. 
Can you describe a moment you felt proud of yourself recently?
We recently finished a bathroom renovation that we tackled entirely ourselves. It came with a lot of challenges and frustrations, but seeing it finished 10 months after we demo'd it felt really good. 
What’s your favorite flower?
Ranunculus. I love how layered they are, and their shape is usually a little awkward and gangly which makes for interesting arrangements. I also love white wildflowers like cosmos and poppies.
What’s something you’re excited about?
We'll be creating a studio space out of an area of our garage soon. It'll be a little rougher and more rustic than the rest of our home, and since it's not a space we use every day, but more of a bonus space, we have a lot of flexibility around the design and timing. 
The initial scheming phases of a project are so exciting as you get to daydream about all of the possibilities and it's fun to not quite know what ideas will end up sticking long term. 

For more Shelby, follow her at @shelbygirard or work with her here.