5 Ways to DIY a Centerpiece with Cylinder Vases

Minimalist, glam, rustic - whatever your vibe, we’ve got your wedding centerpiece covered! We’ve styled cylinder vases 5 ways to help you create a versatile, chic, and elegant focal point - no matter the theme.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece IdeasDIY Cylinder Centerpieces


Centerpiece 1

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Steps: For a simple, warm accent - cluster together three vases and add pillar candles. It’s minimalist, with a bit of a glow!

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpiece 2

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Steps: Surround the pillar candles with 2.5” of clear vase filler crystals for an elevated, glam look.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpiece 3

DIY Fake Greenery Centerpiece

Steps: Set a faux greenery wreath into the center of your table and place each of your vases within the diameter of the wreath. Trim your favorite artificial blooms, leaving about 2" of stem on the flower. Place the stems within your wreath to add a soft, romantic touch!

DIY Greenery Centerpiece

Centerpiece 4
 DIY Floating Centerpiece

Steps: Trim the entire stem off of your faux fern and drop the remaining leaf into the vase. Then, fill your vase with water leaving .5-1" on top for a floating candle.

DIY Floating Candle Centerpiece

Centerpiece 5

Floating Orchid Centerpiece
DIY Floating Orchid Centerpiece

Steps: Similar to the floating fern centerpiece, with a touch of glam! Drop in about 2" of clear vase filler and then place in your faux orchid stem. Completely fill the vase with water and top it off with a floating candle! 

DIY Orchid Centerpiece

Your dream centerpiece doesn't have to break the bank. It's simple, just add a few items and your unique style! If you create one of these centerpieces for your wedding day, be sure to tag us on Instagram with @afloral or #afloral!

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