DIY Centerpiece With Faux Flowers & Acrylic Water

Create a timeless centerpiece with this simple step-by-step tutorial by Rachel Elizabeth Creates. Using artificial peonies and acrylic water, this arrangement will remain forever fresh. 

Assortment of Peonies-
4 Cream Peony Buds 
4 Pink Peony Buds 
13-16 Peony Stems in Pink Tones
Acrylic Water Kit
Clear Glass Cylinder Vase
1 Similar Sized Vase for Transferring Arrangement
1 Plastic Mixing Container
1 Disposable Plastic Spoon
Wire Cutters

Step 1:  Starting with the peony buds, cut the stems to create three different levels of height to give your arrangement dimension. Though, making sure all of the stems are still long enough to reach the bottom of the vase.

Step 2: Choosing one large bloom, place it into the vase as to decipher how tall you'd like the arrangement to be at it's highest point.

Tip: Also, be sure to cut off all of the leaves that fall under the rim of the vase.

Step 3: Create a bundle for the middle of the arrangement by alternating the different types of peony blooms by size and color.

Step 4: Place the bundle in the middle of the buds to create a top layer.
Step 5: Fill in the empty space between the bottom and top layer with the rest of your flower blooms. Play with your arrangement until it looks like you want it to.
Step 6: Then, using both of your hands, transfer the arrangement to another vase with a similarly sized opening in order to keep your arrangement and blooms in place.

Step 7:  Next, you will need your disposable container to mix your water resin kit. We used an inexpensive tupperware bowl with high walls to prevent splashing (do not use a metal container). Be careful not to get any on your hands, wear gloves if needed. Then pour each bottle into your container simultaneously.

Step 8:  Using a disposable plastic spoon, stir the mixture for 2 minutes straight. Do not use a metal item. 

Step 9:  Pour your mixture into your original vessel and be careful not to splash. 

Step 10:  Transfer your arrangement to your vessel.

Step 11: Take your time playing with your flowers, tweaking and re-arranging until you've reached a desired look. Don't worry about being quick, the water resin will take up to 12 hours to fully harden so you have time!

Step 12: Allow your arrangement to fully dry into place for 12 hours in a softly lit, cool place. 

Your peony arrangement is now complete and can be used to decorate your home for longer than any fresh flower arrangement ever could!

If you make your own arrangement using these steps and flowers, we'd love to see it! Be sure to use the hashtag #afloral on Instagram to showcase your arrangement to us!

Designed by Rachel Elizabeth Creates.

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