Wedding Cake Hack

cake hack

Materials: 2 Cake Stands with different diameters (10" & 12" wide), Artificial Flowers, Wire Cutters, Floral Tape, a grocery store cake

Step 1: Gather together several bundles of flowers and wrap the stems with floral tape. Use wire cutters to trim down the flower stems.  

Step 2: Stack the larger of the two cake stands on top of the smaller one.

Step 3: Begin placing the flower bundles between the two cake stands. Continue around the plate until everything looks lush and full and there are no gaps.

Step 4: Place a few of the bunches and/or single flowers on top of the cake for added visual interest.

That is all there is to this cake hack.  You can make your own wedding cake with ease!  Choose flowers in your wedding colors or to fit the season. The best news is, you can re-use these faux stems after the party. 

This DIY is featured on Ruffled Blog and Photographed by Clarence Chan Photography