How To Make (The Best) Bouquet

How To Make (The Best) Bouquet

Dress up a simple pre-made bouquet for wedding flowers that are as unique as you are! Learn how to make a bridal bouquet with this simple DIY video and artificial, pre-made bouquets from 

Pre-Made Wedding Bouquets
Artificial Greenery

Pre-Made Bridal Bouquets
Bouquet 1:
Finish a simple pre-made bouquet with a ribbon.  Wrap the bouquet stems like a pro!

Pre-Made Bridal Bouquets
Bouquet 2:
Create a more organic, wild bridal bouquet by adding artificial greenery throughout the bouquet.  Secure the stems together with floral tape and finish with a ribbon. 

Pre-Made Bridal Bouquets
Bouquet 3:
Combine two pre-made bouquets together to make a larger bundle for bride.  Attach them together with floral tape and finish with ribbon. 

Shop for pre-made wedding bouquets in a variety of colors and styles. DIY bouquets have never been easier.  

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