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DIY Boho Bouquet

Create this artificial bouquet that not only looks beautiful on the day of your wedding or special event, but that will look just as beautiful in years to come. This free-spirited bohemian styled bouquet features bold Proteas, nestled in a bed of lush greenery, wildflowers, berries, and thistles. The combination of wild and whimsical stems make this bouquet a beautiful and unique arrangement. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make this boho bouquet designed by Blooming Bouquet!

boho bouquet


-An assortment of wild faux flowers, artificial greenery, and filler flowers such as Protea, Poppies, Roses, Peonies, Berries, Wild Raspberries, Thistles, Eucalyptus, Smilax, and Sedum Succulents
-Wire Cutters
-Floral Tape
-Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Gather your faux greenery and Thistle spray flowers together. Then add a focal flower, like a Protea bloom, into the middle.

Step 2: Add pieces of the Raspberry spray throughout the bundle. 

Step 3: Include smaller focal flowers, like dark pink Protea blooms.

Step 4: Continue clustering your medium sized blooms around the proteas.

Step 5: Trim the larger Sedum Succulent bloom and place it between two flowers of the same color to break up the color and add depth.

Step 6: Add smaller blooms to the bouquet. This bouquet features white Poppy stems and blush Roses.

Step 7: Increase the bouquets' texture by adding a purple Thistle bundle and mauve Wildflower pick.

Step 8:  With floral tape, attach several feathers to the blue Thistle spray, hiding the tape within the foliage. 

Step 9: Using a zip tie, secure the stems together tightly.  Tape the bouquet stems around the zip tie with heavy duty floral tape.  

Step 10: Cover the floral tape with a beautiful muslin bouquet wrap. Start the wrap by hot gluing the ribbon end to the floral tape.  Continue to wrap the muslin around the stems several times, and cut the cloth so that the edge ends in the back of the bouquet. Cut the ribbon and glue to the back side of the bouquet to secure. Hand tie a knot around the wrap of lace or silk ribbon to add a decorative touch. 

Step 11: Trim the bottom of the stems so that they are even.

There you have it... You have now created your own Protea & Berry Bouquet for your upcoming boho wedding! After your wedding, place this bouquet in a beautiful ceramic vase and you have a stunning keepsake to decorate your home. 
Boho BouquetBohemian Bouquet

If you decide to make your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers, we'd love to see it!  Add #Afloral to your wedding photos on Instagram to share.  

Discover more faux floral bouquet designs by Blooming Bouquet: Instagram @bloomingbouquet.etsy | Facebook @bloomingbouquetco
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