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DIY Silk Flower Arrangement

Silk Flower Arrangement

Make your own floral centerpieces (like a pro!) with this DIY tutorial from Poppies & Posies and silk flowers from Afloral.

Silk Flower Arrangement

Step 1: To create this loose, organic look begin by creating a chicken wire "cushion" and place it into the bowl opening. Fold and twist the sharp ends together so that they do not scratch the bowl.  Use floral tape to secure the wire into the bowl. 

Silk Flower Arrangement

Step 2: Begin your centerpiece with greenery first. Use wire cutters to trim long wire stems.  Start by filling in the circumference of the bowl. Allow some of the leaf sprays to cascade downward, and use longer branches to create height.  Include a variety of greenery, like ferns, begonia, and other colorful leaves. Use berries to give natural texture to your arrangement.

Silk Flower Arrangement

Step 3: Start adding your statement florals into the center and base of the centerpiece.  Use larger blooms, like roses and peonies, first. 

Silk Flower Arrangement

Step 4: Add longer stems on either side of the arrangement tapering in toward the center to create an asymmetrical look. Burgundy dahlias and ranunculus are the perfect choice.  Because silk flowers have wire stems you can manipulate them to create natural bends. 

Silk Flower Arrangement

Step 5: Fill in any gaps with smaller flower sprays and buds.  Mix colors and flower types to give your arrangement depth. 

Silk Flower ArrangementSilk Flower ArrangementSilk Flower ArrangementSilk Flower ArrangementSilk Flower Arrangement

With artificial flowers and greenery you can create lasting floral arrangements for events and holidays.  This centerpiece can easily transition from tablescape to stunning home decor. 

Designed by Poppies & Posies 

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