DIY Bridal Bouquet

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Congratulations on your engagement!  Wedding planning can be both fun and scary, but don't worry, we are here to help.  With this simple (and GORGEOUS) tutorial from Pumpkin and Pye, you can learn how to make your own bridal bouquet with always-in-bloom silk flowers.  Gather your materials and get started, you will be walking down the aisle with your handmade bouquet in no time...

Silk Flower Bouquet

Materials:  3 Pink Ranunculus, 2 Peony Buds, 3 White Ranunculus, 2 Hydrangeas, 2 Anemones, 3 Peach Roses, Floral Tape, Wire Cutters, Ribbon

Silk Flower Bouquet

 Step 1: Gather one of each of the different flowers in one hand. 

Silk Flower Bouquet

Step 2: Begin adding flowers to this bundle, working in a circle around the bouquet.  Mix colors, styles and shapes as you work.  Keep similar flowers on opposite sides of the bouquet, and avoid putting two flowers of the same color next to each other.  

Silk Flower BouquetSilk Flower Bouquet

Step 3: Because these flowers have a wire stem you can slightly bend them when you get toward the outside of the bouquet. Continue adding flowers to the bouquet until you like how it looks. 

Silk Flower Bouquet

Step 4: When you are pleased with your arrangement, wrap the stems together with floral tape to secure.  At this time you may want to trim the wire stems so they are even.  Leave enough stem for you to hold the bouquet. Cover the tape with a decorative ribbon or bouquet wrap to finish. 

Silk Flower Bouquet

You have now created your own bridal bouquet!  With silk flowers you can make your bouquet months before your wedding day and it will stay forever fresh. Place upright in a vase and cover to keep it from getting dusty.  

Find more bouquets by Pumpkin and Pye HERE.  If you decide to make your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers, we'd love to see it!  Add #Afloral to your wedding photos on Instagram to share.  

Designer: Pumpkin and Pye | Photographer: Evolve Photography


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