DIY Dried Flowers & Greenery Terrariums

Bring natural beauty into your home with this simple tutorial using dried greenery and flowers. Perfect for wedding centerpieces or home decor, these unique terrariums will bring a long-lasting look to any space!


Dried Banksia Protea Pods
Natural Preserved Brunias
Dried Globe Amaranths
Natural Dried Globe Thistles
Preserved Rose Heads
Preserved Eucalyptus
Natural Dried Wild Oats
Wire Cutters 

Step 1: Select your terrarium and pour in approximately 2" of sand. You can go bold with blush pink sand like the picture above, or keep the piece neutral with tan sand...see Step 8.

Step 2: Cut down the stem of your largest bloom, the focal flower, and place it into the terrarium. We used a dried Banksia Protea Pod.

Step 3: Add a pop of color by surrounding your focal flower with smaller blooms like preserved pink Rose heads.

Step 4: Add greenery, like the dried Eucalyptus, for color variety. Simply cut off small pieces of the branches and stick them into the sand. You can also lay some flat or even take individual leaves and sprinkle them on top of the sand.

Step 5: Add more dried flowers like the blue green Globe Thistles. Cut the ends leaving some of the stem. Then stick them into the sand at different angles around the focal flower. You may also lay the thistle heads directly onto the sand.

Step 6: Then add touches of pink Brunia clusters. Cut off a branch of multiple heads, as well as individual heads with no stem. Place the branch behind the focal flower and scatter the other heads around the Roses and the Globe Thistles to add consistency. 

Step 7: Add your final touches of preserved flowers. We chose pink Amaranth. Trim the flower heads completely off of the stem. Scatter them throughout the arrangement.

Step 8: If you decide to go with neutral, earthy tones, consider using white Rose heads, natural white Amaranth, blue green Globe Thistle, natural Protea Pods, natural silver Brunia, natural Avena Wild Oats, green Eucalyptus, and tan sand.

Whichever color sceme you decide - your terrarium will be unique and long-lasting! And by using dried flowers, your piece will require no maintenance.