DIY Cotton Wreath

Spring is upon us! Get your home ready for Easter by following this simple tutorial, and hand-make your own charming cotton wreath.

Cotton Picks
Natural Grapevine Wreath
Floral Wire Cutters
Burlap Jute Ribbon
Satin Ribbon

Cotton Wreath

Step 1: Cut all of the cotton stems into smaller pieces. Keep at least 2-3 inches of stem on each cotton boll

Note: We started with six picks of each color: Pink, Blue, Green & Yellow.  You can also make this wreath with natural cotton stems. 

Cotton WreathCotton Wreath

Step 2: Start by tucking the stems of the cotton picks under the wrapped vine on the wreath until its secure. Since we are using multiple colors of cotton bolls, we placed five pieces at an equal distance so that it broke the cotton wreath into sections.

DIY Cotton WreathDIY Cotton WreathCotton Wreath

Step 3: Continue to build off the first five pieces, mixing and alternating colors.  Add cotton pieces until you get your desired fullness.

Note: We approximately 60 pieces.

Cotton WreathCotton WreathCotton Wreath

Step 4: Cut off a piece of burlap jute ribbon, about 42" in length. Make a bow, we used the classic bow method. Trim the tails to an equal length.  Use a piece of floral wire (or a discarded piece of wire stem from the faux cotton spray) to attache the bow to the grapevine wreath. 

Cotton Wreath

Step 5: Cut off a piece of satin ribbon, about 15" in length, and loop the strand around the wreath. Make sure to weave it through the cotton stems so they are not harmed. Knot the top of the ribbon so that it is approximately 5" in length.

Cotton Wreath

Congratulations, you've created a beautiful Spring Wreath! The only thing left to do is to hang it on your wall or door for Easter. By using Afloral's artificial cotton picks, this piece will last for years to come!

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