DIY Eucalyptus Crown

DIY Eucalyptus Crown

The perfect wedding accessory for a DIY bride, follow along with faux flower designer Blue Orchid Creations and learn how to make an artificial eucalyptus flower crown.

Floral Tape
Wire Cutters

Step 1: Using wire cutters, cut the eucalyptus stems into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Create the base of the crown with thick, bark covered wire.  Wrap wire around your head to get the correct size and add 6" of wire to the length, cut with wire cutters.  Fold the ends over and twist to make small circles at each end.  This can be adjusted to make the crown fit comfortably. 

Step 3: Using floral tape, attach the eucalyptus cuttings to the crown base. Work around the crown until it is covered in greenery.

Step 4: Finish your crown by tying the ribbon to the crown's loops. 

DIY Eucalyptus Crown

Add florals to your crown to make it your own!  Dress it up in your favorite flowers to match your wedding color palette. 

DIY Eucalyptus CrownDIY Eucalyptus Crown

Designed by Blue Orchid Creations | Photographed by A Love Photography

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