DIY Fall Boutonnieres

Step 1: You will need to select your fall silk flower stems. When selecting stems for boutonnières, keep in mind the size of the flower head.  Add a medium size flower, such as ranunculus or cosmos, some filler flowers, berries, then choose greenery (to save money use the greenery of the flower stems). You will also need scissors, wire cutters, floral tape, ribbon.

Step 2: Trim your silk flowers down to a boutonniere size (roughly 2-4 inches long). Trim stems of excess leaves, leave only the leaves that you want to accent your bouquet.

Step 3: Pair together a statement flower, a filler flower, and a leafy green and wrap tightly with floral tape until secure.

Step 4: Finish off your boutonniere by tying or wrapping with your ribbon. You can use a glue gun to secure.

Boutonnieres designed by Green Wedding Shoes with silk flowers from

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