DIY Floral Backdrop

Floral Backdrop
Materials: Silk Flowers 36×48″ Poster, 2 Wooden Dowels (36" long x 3/4″ in diameter), Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue, Ribbon or Rope, Wire Cutters, Scissors
Step 1: Choose the free printable you would like to use on Ruffled Blog  and have it printed at your local print shop. 
Step 2: Create a pocket for your dowel by folding over the top of the paper, large enough for rod to fit in to, and hot gluing the paper to secure. Slide the dowel into the pocket.  Repeat this on the bottom of the print so that it will weigh your sign down. 
Step 3: Punch two holes on the top edges of the print, below the pockets.  Tie a ribbon through the holes, around the dowels on either end, to hang with. 
Step 4:  Use a variety of artificial flowers.  Find a variety of colors, sizes and styles by shopping our Silk Flower category. Trim the stems from the flower heads using wire cutters.  Arrange the flowers on the print until you are happy with the placement.  Hot glue the blooms to the paper.  Push the remaining stem through the paper if needed. 
For more details, find the full DIY on Ruffled Blog.  Photographed by Clarence Chan Photography.

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