DIY Floral Swag

floral swag

Materials: A variety of fake flowers, a branch, ribbon, floral wire, wire cutters

Step 1: Tie the ribbon to each side of the branch.  

Step 2: Bundle together several flower stems in your hand.  Wrap the stems with floral wire to hold the arrangement.  You may need to clip long stems with wire cutters.  

Step 3: When you are pleased with the look of your bundle, attach it to the branch with floral wire. 

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 and secure the second bundle, in the opposite direction, on the other end of the branch using floral wire.  Attach larger flower heads to the center of the branch to hide the stems.  You can use floral wire or glue the head to the branch with hot glue. 

That is it!  You have created a beautiful floral bough that you can hang over your desert table. Save this decoration for future parties and use it throughout the house.

This DIY is featured on Ruffled Blog.

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