DIY Greenery Bouquet

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What You’ll Need: For this DIY you will need an assortment of greenery that you like, a few cream or white silk flowers, ribbon, wire cutters, floral tape, and scissors.

Step 1: Gather your materials and lay out your flowers and greenery.  Begin arranging your bouquet by starting with a base of the greenery you have multiple stems of. Here the base of the bouquet is made with faux ferns.

Step 2: Now add in another type of greenery you have multiple stems of. Here eucalyptus is in a blue hue of green is added to create some dimension to the bouquet. It's great to add different shades and hues of green as well as different shapes of greenery to add texture and depth to the bouquet design.

Step 3: Once you are pleased with your arrangement, add in a few of the focal greenery stems towards the center of the arrangement. Here we add lambs ear which is very trendy right now and adds great texture to the bouquet.

Step 4: Add in a few white or cream flowers to the arrangement.

Step 5: Use your floral tape to secure all of the stems together. Keep in mind that you will need to cover the floral tape with the ribbon, so only wrap as far down as you want your ribbon to go.

Step 6: Trim your stems if needed and wrap your bouquet with the ribbon. You can use pins or a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon, or simply tie it in a knot!

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