DIY Greenery Centerpiece

What You’ll Need: For this DIY you will need an assortment of greenery that you like, a few cream or white silk flowers, floral foam, wire cutters and a container.

Step 1: Fill the base of your container with floral foam - depending on the container, you can use it like a cookie cutter to cut the foam so it fits snugly.

Step 2: Using your largest foliage create the structure of the arrangement - diagonal position works well - make sure it's not too symmetrical and that it falls naturally.

Step 3: Keep on building up the foliage so that you have a mix of greens creating a natural background for your flowers.

Step 4:
 Add in key florals - odd numbers work well.

Step 5: Fill with smaller flowers at different heights.

Step 6: Fill any spaces with more foliage - add more height for a more dramatic effect.

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