DIY Hanging Baskets

DIY Hanging Baskets

Arrange your hanging baskets with thrillers, fillers and spillers from This simple DIY flower arrangement is filled with artificial stems that can hang in your home throughout the year with absolutely no care.

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Step 1: Place floral foam into the basket.  You may need to cut it down to fit in the container.  You can do this with a simple kitchen knife. 

Step 2: Arrange your "thriller" flowers.  Cut the stems down using wire cutters and push these into the center of your floral foam. 

Step 3: Arrange your "filler" flowers around the thrillers.  Filling up the space and covering the floral foam. 

Step 4: Arrange your "spiller" flowers.  These are your hanging sprays.  Push these into the sides and corners of the floral foam.  Slightly bend the wire stems so they spill over the basket. 

DIY Hanging BasketsDIY Hanging BasketsDIY Hanging Baskets

You can also decorate your window boxes and outdoor planters with your favorite flowers.  Learn how to arrange planters!

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