DIY Lily Bouquet

DIY Calla Lily and Lilly of the Valley Bouquet

Step 1: Gather the items you will need to create your bouquet. This bouquet features the Real Touch Calla Lily Bouquet and artificial Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley and Calla Lily Materials

Step 2: Take apart the Calla Lily bouquet so you can use the individual stems.

Step 3: Bundle together the Lily of the Valley in one hand and add the Real Touch Calla Lily's to the bundle one at a time. 

Step 4: When you have added all of the Calla Lilies bind them all together with floral tape.  

Step 5: Finish the bouquet with your choice of bouquet wrap.  You can use a pre-made wrap or ribbon

Designed by | Photographed by Bridgett Anderson Photography

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