DIY Outdoor Planters

Design effortless outdoor planters that last with artificial flowers and greenery from

Follow this How-To video to learn simple steps to create your own window boxes and planters for your home. Use UV protected outdoor faux flowers & greenery for lasting arrangements that will not need any care during the busy summer months.

UV Protected Outdoor Flowers & Greenery 
UV Protective Spray
Planter Box
Floral Foam
Moss or Stones

Step 1: Prepare flowers and greenery.  If you are not using UV Protected Outdoor plants you may want to cover them with a protective spray.  When spraying faux flowers with any aerosol be sure to test it first on a single bloom. 

Step 2: Glue the floral foam (for dry and faux flowers) to the bottom of the planter.

Step 3: Arrange stems using Thriller, Filler, and Spiller flowers.  Start with your "Thriller Flowers." These are flowers and leaves should be tall and bold!  Push the stems into the center of the floral foam. 

Next, add your "Filler Flowers." These florals are medium height, shorter than your "thrillers." Arrange these around the thrillers for a 360° planter box, or directly in front and around both sides of the thrillers for a window box. 

Last, add your "Spiller Flowers." These flowers and leaves are meant to spill over the edge of the container, toward the ground.  Arrange these along the edge of the foam. 

Step 4: Cover the floral foam with decorative stones or moss for a finished look.
Bonus - The stones will help to weigh down the arrangement so it doesn't fall over in heavy wind. 

DIY Outdoor PlantersDIY Outdoor PlantersDIY Outdoor PlantersDIY Outdoor Planters

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