DIY Protea & Eucalyptus Bouquet

DIY brides get ready... This cascading bouquet is unbelievably simple to make. The artificial eucalyptus and protea are so stunning together it will have your guests totally WOWed!

DIY Protea and Eucalyptus Bouquet

Follow along with bespoke bouquet designer Pumpkin and Pye and make your own awe-inspiring bridal bouquet. 

Eucalyptus Bouquet

Materials: This bouquet only requires 7 stems... SEVEN!!! 
4 Seeded Eucalyptus Sprays
3 King Protea Stems
Floral Tape
Wire Cutters
Ribbon or Bouquet Wrap

Eucalyptus Bouquet

Step 1: Start with two of the king proteas, cross the stems and hold in one hand.  Repeat this with two of the eucalyptus sprays. 

Eucalyptus Bouquet

Step 2: Bundle the protea and eucalyptus together and hold in one hand.  Add the last two eucalyptus stems to the bundle.  

Eucalyptus Bouquet

Step 3: Add the final protea stem to the bouquet. Bend the wire stems of the eucalyptus to create a cascade.  When you are pleased with the arrangement of the stems tie them together using the twine or floral tape, secure them tightly together. Trim the stems so they are even using the wire cutters. Use ribbon to cover the twine and tape for finish the bouquet. 

Eucalyptus BouquetEucalyptus Bouquet

With just seven stems and a little time you have now created your very own wedding bouquet!  

Find more bouquets by Pumpkin and Pye HERE.  If you decide to make your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers, we'd love to see it!  Add #Afloral to your wedding photos on Instagram to share.  

Designer: Pumpkin and Pye | Photographer: Evolve Photography