DIY Air Plant Jellyfish

Get ready to create these adorable and creative Jellyfish with Live Air Plants!


Live Air Plants
Natural Urchins
Sea Shells
River Stones
Clear Glass Cylinder Vases
Cactus Wood Slice
Fishing Line


Prepare Your Containers

Step 1: Pour the river stones into your containers, stopping at 1.5" deep.

Step 2: Place a Cactus Wood Slice into the center of the smaller container.

Step 3: Lean two seashells against the Cactus Wood Slice to add some variance of color.

Step 3: In the same container, place a live air plant into the center of the wood slice.

Step 4: In the larger container, place three natural urchins.

Note: This creates the ever-important 'Rule of 3'! Vary the size of the urchins to keep it pleasing to the eye. 

 Create Your Sea Urchin

Step 5: Take two live air plants with differing lengths. Loop a fishing line, approximately 10" in length, through the stems of the air plant until an equal length of the line is achieved on either side. During this step, be careful to not cut into the plants.

Step 6: Take the ends of the fishing line and thread the lines through the center of a natural urchin and carefully pull the air plants into their urchin until it fits nice and snug.


Note: Make sure that you have chosen a longer and shorter air plant in accordance to the container size.


Finishing Touch

Step 7: Take the longer of the two 'Jellyfish' and lower it into the taller container. Lay your driftwood piece onto the top of your container and tie the 2 sides of the fishing line to your preferred length.

Step 8: Repeat step 7 with the shorter 'Jellyfish' and the smaller container. 

Step 9: Cut off the extra ends of the fishing line and enjoy your one-of-a-kind Jellyfish Air Plant decor.

Make sure your 'Jellyfish' are placed in soft sunlight with fresh airflow. Spray with water once per week, 2-3 sprays are recommended for optimal care. 

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