DIY Silk Flower Hoop Bouquet

Project type: Wedding Accessories

Floral Hoop DIY

This floral hoop is a gorgeous alternative bouquet for your bridesmaids or will look picture perfect hanging from the wall as a backdrop. 

What You’ll Need:

Silk Flowers & Preserved Flower Heads
Artificial Greenery
• Gold Hoop
• Floral wire
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue

Step 1:  

Start by adding the artificial greener to the hoop.  Using floral wire, secure the fake leaves to half of the hoop. Continue adding greenery until you have desired fullness.

Step 2:

Begin attaching flower heads.  Start with the largest flower head, trim the head from the stem and attach to the greenery with hot glue. 

Step 3: 

Continue adding flowers from largest to smallest.  Tip: Lay them out ahead of time to see where they will look best, then glue them down

Step 4: 

Finish by adding more greenery to fill in the gaps and create an asymmetrical look. 

Designed by Green Wedding Shoes with silk flowers from