DIY Summer Wedding Bouquet

DIY Summer Wedding Bouquet

Get ready for your summer wedding with this DIY summer bouquet tutorial. Featuring our ever-popular Dahlias, Poppies, Roses, and Peonies, this silk bouquet is perfect for summer! Follow along with faux flower designer Holly's Wedding Flowers and make your very own bridal bouquet today!

3 Poppy Stems
4 Dahlia Stems
1 Rose Spray
2 Casa Tropicana Rose Stems
2 French Rose Stems
3 Cabbage Roses
1 Rose Bouquet 
2 Vintage Cabbage Roses
1 Peony Bouquet
5 Peony Buds 
1 Hops Hanging Bush
3 Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Peach Champagne Silk Ribbon
Floral Tape

Wire Cutter

Step 1: Start your bouquet by gathering together light pink and coral Cabbage Roses and a coral Dahlia.

Step 2: 
Add the coral and blush pink Peonies, pink French Rose, and the orange Casa Tropicana Roses. Secure the stems with floral tape.

Step 3: 
Continue broadening the bouquet by adding blooms of the pink Poppies, blush Dahlias, and blush Peonies.


Step 4: 
Add eucalyptus around your bouquet and use sprays of eucalyptus throughout to break up the color.  Wrap all of the stems together with floral tape to secure in place. Then cut the stems down to 8" so there is enough of a handle to carry the bouquet and the stems look nice and even. 


Step 5: Finish the bouquet in 3 different ways!

Option 1 - Finish off the bouquet by hiding the floral tape. Tie ribbon over the floral tape to hide it. Make sure to keep the ends a generous length to get a dramatic look. 

Option 2 - Make it a cascading bouquet by including hanging greenery like a hanging Hops bush. Then hide the floral tape with ribbon by wrapping it around the stems and pinning the end into the stems, creating a classic bouquet wrap

Option 3 -
 Add the Hops hanging bush to make it a cascading bouquet. Then tie the stems with ribbon, making sure to hide the floral tape. Keep the ends of the ribbon a generous length, similar to the length of the hanging greenery.

You have now created your very own summer bouquet! If you decide to make your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers, we'd love to see it! Add #Afloral to your wedding photos on Instagram to share.  

Discover more faux floral bouquet designs by Holly's Wedding Flowers:  Instagram @hollysweddingflowers

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