DIY Tall Centerpiece

Project type: centerpiece

Step 1: For this DIY you will need a tall glass cylinder vase, floral foam cylinder or sphere, silk hydrangeas, faux baby's breathpreserved roses and greenery, plastic stems, glue gun, and wire cutters. 

Step 2: Line the top of your glass cylinder with hot glue and press the foam down on top firmly. 

Step 3: Trim the stems to size any unwanted greenery off of your hydrangeas. You can hot glue the ends for extra hold or just place the stems directly into the floral foam. Start at the center and work your way around creating a sphere shape.

Step 4: Next you will use the hot glue to adhere the preserved roses onto the plastic stems.

Step 5: Once your preserved rose stems are dry begin inserting them into the floral foam, filling any gaps you might find in the hydrangeas.

Step 6: Trim your faux baby's breath and add them into the floral sphere.

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