DIY Fall Centerpiece

diy thanksgiving centerpieces

Get ready to decorate your Thanksgiving tablescape with this cream colored centerpiece, designed by Rachel Elizabeth Creates with silk flowers from

diy thanksgiving centerpieces

Materials: For this centerpiece you will need Wire cutters, a Knife, a Silver Scalloped Pedestal Bowl, a Floral Foam Sphere (this was 6" in diameter), 4 Artificial Eucalyptus Leaf Sprays (this centerpiece featured 2 styles), 2 Lamb's Ear Spray, a Faux Hops Bush, 3 Silk Ranunculus Sprays, 4 Artificial Berry Sprays, 2 Real Touch Peonies, 5 Peony Buds, and 2 Silk Roses.

diy thanksgiving centerpieces

Step 1: Using a knife, cut 1/3rd off the bottom of your foam sphere.

Step 2: Place sphere in pedestal bowl, round side up. 

Step 3: The left and the right sides will be the longest so you want to start there. Start with a long pointed eucalyptus stem on the right and add a few shorter silver dollar eucalyptus around on either side of the first stem.

Step 4: Add a couple hops stems and a ranunculus to the right side. Layer in few berry sprays. You have completed your right side.

Step 5: Now onto the left side, start by inserting one long pointed eucalyptus stem and repeat steps 3 & 4. You have now completed your left side.

Step 6: Fill in your front sections. Use a couple seeded eucalyptus stems and completely fill in the bottom layer using pointed eucalyptus stems.

Step 7: Begin filling in the top middle with flowers. Start with two peony buds and add the ranunculus blooms first. 

Step 8: After a good layer of blooms you will want to fill in with some greenery. This is where you will start using the lamb's ear, followed by a few more tall berry sprays.

Step 9: Complete your arrangement with the real touch peony stems and the two large garden blooms on the very top. Review your arrangement from all sides, if you have any small bare spots fill with any extra greenery.

diy thanksgiving centerpiece

diy thanksgiving centerpiece

Finish decorating your table with a linen table runner, white pumpkins and mercury glass candle votives.  Add some finishing touches by tying faux berries or hops to the flatware.  

If you decorate your holiday table using materials from share your DIY designs by adding #Afloral.

Designed by Rachel Elizabeth Creates.