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DIY Wedding Hair Comb with Dried Flowers

diy wedding hair comb

This DIY is seriously so elegant, simple, and a must for your upcoming wedding. Whether it be as an accessory for your favorite outfit or a stunning accent for your wedding hairstyle, it's so easy that anybody can do it! Grab your favorite dried florals and let's get started!

diy hair comb

Hair Comb
Dried Flowers (Featuring Gypsophila, Wild Oats, Ammobium, Straw Flowers, & Plume Reed)
Hot Glue & Gun

diy hair comb

Step 1: Start by trimming the dried sprays to size, and remove the stems from the flower heads.

diy hair comb

Step 2: Using hot glue, attach the feathery grass pieces to the ends of the comb. 

diy hair combDried Flower Comb

Step 3: Layer the longer grass and flower sprays to add color and dimension to your flower comb.  Mix textured for a unique, boho look. 

diy hair comb

Step 4: Add the flower heads to the center of the comb.  This will cover the stems and glue and leave you with a beautiful finished look. 

diy hair comb

Wear flowers in your hair on your wedding day.  With Afloral dried flowers you will have a lasting keepsake!

diy hair combDried Flower Hair Comb Dried Flower Hair Comb

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Shop Preserved Flowers and Greenery

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