DIY Floral Crown with Dried Flowers

 DIY Flower Crown

Create a boho inspired all dried flower crown to make everyday more special.  Follow along with Bridalwish Designs to hand-make a floral crown for your wedding day, engagement session, festivals, or even for your daily life!

Dried Flowers

Before you begin, gather all the materials for your crown. Choose color combos based on your dress, wedding theme colors, seasons, etc. This crown is the perfect mix for summer but would also fit right into the upcoming fall season with its beautiful orange accents. 

DIY Floral Crown

Dried Flowers
Paddle Wire (26 Gauge)
Rustic Wire (Bark or Paper Covered Wire)
Floral Tape
Wire Cutters and Pliers

DIY Floral CrownDIY Floral Crown

Step 1: Measure out the length of the crown by wrapping the rustic wire around your head. Make sure it fits comfortably. Tape the ends together using floral tape to create a closed circle.

For an adjustable alternative,  add 1-2 inches of wire to both ends and fold each end over to create hooks. Hook the two ends together and twist to secure. 

Prepare the flowers.  Cut apart the bushes, leaving about 1-2 inches of stem on each spray. Cut some of them a little bit longer so they are easier to handle while wrapping them with floral tape.

DIY Floral Crown

Step 2: Create mini bouquets by bundling together approximately 4 flower pieces. Place the bundle parallel to the rustic wire. Secure the flowers to the crown by wrapping paddle wire around the bundle and the crown and twisting tight.

DIY Floral Crown

Step 3: Wrap floral tape around the stems and paddle wire.

You can make multiple mini bouquets and tape them together before attaching them to the crown. Or, if you prefer to see where the design is going first, pick the flowers accordingly and create the mini bouquets as you work around the crown. 

DIY Flower CrownDIY Flower CrownDIY Flower Crown

Step 4: Repeat this process until you have filled the crown. You can make a half crown, hair comb, or even a thinner version of this crown using this technique.

DIY Flower Crown

Once you finish flowering your crown, you can simply add a beautiful ribbon, and VOILA! It’s ready to be part of your special moments.

DIY Flower Crown

If you wish to match your crown with a boutonniere, simply make a mini bouquet, wrap the stems with floral tape and add a decorative ribbon. They will look perfect together!

With flowers that last forever, it’s a keepsake for life..

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